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Sometimes, during the course of our daily lives, a solution hits us like a bolt of lightning. Of course, theres a difference between having an ingenious idea and making it tangible. That’s where STC Laboratories comes in. We’re in the business of making what we’ve imagined, real. Because we understand that real world problems need real world solutions. But we also understand that we can’t do it alone. Taking an idea to market requires the right partners. Let’s explore whether a partnership could help take what we’ve imagined and make it real.

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Patrick Kapenga is the owner and president of STC Laboratories. For the past several years, Patrick has taken ailing convenience stores and turned them into profitable power houses, attracting the attention of several potential purchasers. And before his time in the world of convenience stores, he successfully ran two other companies that sold and distributed building supplies. To round out his experience, Patrick has served on the Board of Directors for the Real Estate Investors Association of Michigan, as well as the Board of Directors and Governmental Affairs Committee for RPOA of Kent County. He currently serves on the board of directors for Bethany Christian Services.

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